• The high school students will present The Pimpernel of the Vatican on Tuesday, May 1st at 7:00PM in St. Susanna Hall.

  • Miss Jane Wittman, a 2014 alumna of ICA, came to visit our kindergarten and first grade classes. Miss Wittman is in nursing school and has a passion for educating others on how to stay healthy. She presented the short skit, Henry the Hand. Henry is a knowledgable puppet who teaches children how to keep your hands clean and germ free. Miss Wittman even demonstrated with glitter filled balloons how germs can travel quickly without proper "elbow sneezing." Thank you for teaching us about how to stay healthy, Miss Wittman!

  • The 5th Annual Fun Run has begun! Students in Grades 1-8 will participate in the fundraising. All money and forms are due at 8:00am on Thursday, May 24th. The official run and field day will also take place on Thursday, May 24th. Click here  for parent and donor resources.

  • The mission of the Academy is to instill in our students both faith and honor (Fides et Honor) by offering them the means and the encouragement necessary to achieve their intellectual, moral, social and physical development in a traditional Catholic environment. All true education must begin with the understanding that God creates every person in His Own image, with the power of intellect to know truth and the power of will to love goodness.


  • The St. Sebastian Varsity Sports Banquet is at 6:30PM on Wednesday (5/9) for all varsity athletes and their parents. 

  • The first grade students will receive their First Holy Communion on Saturday(5/5). The Mass will begin at 10:00AM and will be followed by a brunch for the communicants and their families. 

  • Tacos will be served for hot lunch on Wednesday (5/9). 

Athletics and Upcoming Events