Mass Times

Monday, June 26: Within the Octave of the Sacred Heart – Sts. John & Paul, Martyrs

       9:00 a.m. Low Mass

Tuesday, June 27: Within the Octave of the Sacred Heart

        8:00 a.m. Low Mass

Wednesday, June 28: St. Irenaeus, Bishop & Martyr – Within the Octave of the Sacred Heart

        8:00 a.m. Low Mass

Thursday, June 29: Sts. Peter & Paul, Apostles – Within the Octave of St. John

        8:00 a.m. Low Mass        

        8:00 p.m. Holy Hour

Friday, June 30: Octave Day of Sacred Heart – Com. St. Paul, Apostle, St. Peter, Apostle

        5:15 p.m. Confessions (also after Mass)

        6:00 p.m. Low Mass & Benediction

Saturday, July 1: Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ – FIRST SATURDAY

       8:00 a.m. Low Mass

Sunday, July 2: Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

        7:00 a.m. Low Mass

        8:45 a.m. High Mass