Immaculate Conception Academy competes in three different sports on either the Junior Varsity or Varsity level. As athletes, children develop key character traits including commitment, responsibility, honor, perseverance, cooperation, leadership, and sportsmanship.

The students are coached to compete in a way that emphasizes Christian character through teamwork and Godly attitudes. ICA athletes work to glorify God when they practice and play with skill and strategy. They are encouraged to glorify God in their behavior and language, strive to do their best with the talents God has given them, treat others with respect, have an eager and positive attitude, and put the team’s interests ahead of their own.

Every student who has the drive, desire and commitment to play a sport has the opportunity to do so, regardless of physical attributes, skill level, or ability.  The emphasis on team sports is not about doing whatever it takes to get the win, but about doing your best, supporting your team, and developing healthy habits that can be applied over a lifetime.


  • Varsity Boys Soccer
    • Coach: Ramon Capetillo
    • Assistant: Greg Reist
  • Varsity Girls SoccerIMG_9782
    • Coach: Theresa Reist
    • Assistant Coach: Mary Stoeber
  •   Varsity Boys Basketball
    • Coach: Dave Condit
    • Assistant Coach: Chris Harrison
  • Varsity Girls Basketball
    • Coach: Tim Bischel
    • Assistant Coach: Matt ReistIMG_9325
  •  JV Boys Basketball
    • Coach: Mike Melotik
    • Assistant Coach: Mike Shawhan
  •  Junior High Boys Basketball
    • Coach: Denis Boylson
    • Assistant Coach: Matt Flum
  • Boys Baseball
    • Coach: Jim Birch
    • Assistant Coach: Francis Donohoe


Need directions to all of the basketball games this season? Download a Google Map with the gyms preset- here!