Immaculate Conception Academy is an independent, Roman Catholic K-12 school. We were established in 1980 as a non-chartered, tax exempt school; and we continue with that status today.

The Academy employs the classical method of education to fulfill the academic promise inherent in all of our students. Students at the Academy regularly score in the top ten percent on national standardized tests. Our high school is college-preparatory, and we offer various Advanced Placement courses. To fully develop the talents of our students, the Academy provides an engaging atmosphere and the opportunity for student involvement in theatre, music, and athletics.

Emphasis is placed upon perfecting our students’ moral and spiritual character. To this end the doctrines, morals, and worship are practiced and taught according to the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church; and students daily attend the traditional Latin Mass.

Our faculty consists of exemplary Catholic men and women who love their students, their courses, and the teaching vocation. We embrace the commitment to impart upon our students an excellent education that meets both their abilities and interests.

Please explore our website and learn more about our school and the exceptional work we undertake on behalf of our students!


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