Shroud Speaker Series -Time to Register

  • Two weekends with world-renowned Shroud experts in our very own St. Susanna Hall. Barrie Schwortz March 24-26th and Dr. and Rebecca Jackson April 28-30th.
    • Important Highlights:
      • We have limited seating, so we are giving the IC and ICA families until Feb 17th to claim your seats first. Then, we’ll open it up to a broader invitation list.
      • We cannot fully reserve your seats until we have received payment. Simply signing up for seats is not a full confirmation. You can pay online (by clicking the contribute button on the registration site), drop money off at the ICA office, or send in a check made payable to:
        • Shroud Speaker Seriesc/o
          Immaculate Conception Academy
          4510 Floral Avenue
          Norwood, OH  45212