OVCC Basketball Tournament

The OVCC Basketball tournament begins this weekend at Mars Hill Academy. The rankings and ICA game times are listed below. Come out and support our Knights and Lady Knights!


OVCC Team Rankings

GV                         BJV                        BV

1-SVA                   1-EDCS                 1-DPCR

2-DA                     2-DPCR                2-TCS

3-ICA                    3-ICA                    3-EDCS/MHA

4-DPCR                4-SVA                   4-EDCS/MHA

5-EDCS                 5-DA                     5-ICA

6-TCS                    6-TCS                    6-DA


ICA Round 1 Games: 

  • Sat.2/25 at 12:30 – #3 ICA GV vs. #6 Temple (if we win we play Tues.2/28 at 4:30 vs. #2 Dominion)
  • Sat.2/25 at 2:00 – #3 ICA BJV vs. #6 Temple (if we win we play Mon.2/27 at 6:00 vs. #2 DePaul)
  • Sat.2/25 at 3:30 – #5 ICA BV vs. either #3/#4 East Dayton or Mars Hill (if we win we play Tues.2/28 at 6:00vs. #1 DePaul)